April 6, 2012
Making my work all the worthwhile

At my work I’ve spent approximately the last month mocking up some functionality for a project we’re working on for a customer in the states. We made a lot of progress, but it’s also been a lot of disappointing research, turn-arounds in design choices/strategy, and nit-picking at small details. These things I enjoy, as someone who take challenges as, well, a challenge: so it’s been fun (I could play with UI for ever. literally, for ever). But after a while you can get trapped a bit of a downer.

On Wednesday, as the creator of the designs, I got to sit in on our Company’s weekly Skype meeting with our clients and demo it via Balsamiq workflows. I came out of that meeting feeling like I had just been re-born. To hear a client talk about how what your team is working on will have major impacts on the healthcare scene down there is gratifying beyond words - it made me feel like a million bucks. As someone who has a strong moral connection with their work, it really helped validate my belief that what we’re doing is great.

Lesson of the story: keep your development people in the sales loop: it helps them validate their cause. Also, working in healthcare tech is awesome.